Why choose Renown Earth’s Copper Bonded Electrode?

Why choose Renown Earth’s Copper Bonded Electrode
A ground rod offers a simple conduit for electricity to travel to earth, protecting any structure or complex where it is situated from problems such as power surges, lightning strikes, short circuits, and so on.

Copper Bonded electrode is created using an electrolytic cell, and a process known as electroplating. In this procedure, mild steel is electrolytically coated with copper. A copper-bonded electrode aids in passaging fault current to the ground. A copper-bonded electrode protects people against electrical damage and shock caused by lightning.

Copper Bonded Electrode is an incredibly remarkable product that is based on worldwide technology and has great oxidation resistance; it also has a longer usable product life than standard GI Electrodes. Its consistently coated thickness assures consistent performance, making it an economical choice for customers.
The pure copper electrode is made of pure copper that has been extracted from its ores. It has high conductivity and is widely regarded as one of the best electrodes on the market. Pure copper electrodes are preferable to GI earthing electrodes because of their superior conductivity.
Copper Bonded Ground Rods may protect against shock, fire, and harm to human life and resources, as well as other electrical and electronic equipment.
Safety Issues: Our organization pays special attention to technologies that ensure the security and safety of people and property. The ground rods in the grounding system can create a physical link to the earth, and the instrument can dissipate electricity into it.

Copper Bonded Electrode are classified into two types:

  1. Natural
  2. Man-made, to stabilize performance and increase rod quality.
Metallic plates, Wire meshes, and buried copper conductors are used to strengthen its resistance to damage and complete conductivity of electrons into the earth’s surface. Copper Ground Rods are the most common grounding electrode. To satisfy the demands of the electrical sector, we provide a comprehensive line of Copper Earthing rods/ Grounding rods and accessories.
These grounding rods should be preferred because of their assured security and 100 percent transmission of electric charges into the earth with no sign of harm or disaster. Copper rods are also more effective than galvanized ground rods.
The rods have a minimum tensile strength and a better straightness tolerance, and they are made of 1018 cold-drawn steel for complete protection against any calamity. In addition, the bars are available in a variety of sizes, with a contemporary approach to protecting the complex or buildings. The inclusion of a copper coat in Copper Earthing Rods improves charge flow.

Expertise: Renown Earth is one of India’s leading manufacturers in engineered solutions for lightning protection and earthing systems. We have a wealth of exposure and knowledge both in our home nation and abroad. Renown Earth is well-known for being one of the greatest chemical earthing manufacturers, eager to assist customers

We have always placed high standards on the quality of our products, as well as on innovation and customer service. It has been critical to our continued development and growth toward success.

Download our catalog to learn more about our world-class Earthing/Grounding Solutions. Above all, you can contact us by email or by phone. You’ve arrived at the correct location. Our staff will make every attempt to bring excellence to your door.

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