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Renown Earth is India’s top producer and marketer of Copper Bonded rods. Our Copper rod is a high-tech product based on worldwide technology that offers greater reduction resistance & prolonged shelf life than standard Rods.

We could use it for ground structures and foundations under a variety of conditions, including changes in soil temperature, wetness, and PH value. Copper Bonded Rods have a high thickness and give excellent corrosion resistance.

What is Copper Bonded Rod?

Copper bonded rod helps in passing fault current on the ground. It is a part of earthing equipment. Copper bonded rod is coated with copper through the process called electroplating. It increases the electrical conductivity of the copper bonded rod. Each copper bonded rod has male threads at the top and bottom ends, and the steel inner core is faced at one end, removing the need for a separate driving spike.

Renown Earth is a major producer and marketer of Copper Bonded rods to consumers. Because of our highly qualified personnel and creative techniques, we can provide excellent quality Copper Bonded rod components for your valuable utilities. These things are made from high-quality materials obtained from the industry’s most reliable vendors.

Our products have been developed because of the observation of experienced quality control professionals, who ensure that only high-quality items are delivered to our consumers. Because of their efficiency, great conductivity, and low maintenance, these Copper Bounded rods are in the growing market all over the world.

Copper Bonded rod for grounding solutions. best Solid Copper Rod for earthing purpose
Product Specifications:
Minimum Order Quantity Usage/Application Finish Brand Material Diameter Shape
5 Piece
Copper Bonded
Renown Earth
Copper Coated
As per requirement
As per requirement

Features and advantages of Copper Bonded Rod


  • 100-250 micron copper-coated electrode.
  • Less corrosive.
  • High electrical conductance.
  • Fast current dissipating.
  • The magnetic conductivity rate is minimal. As a result, the lightning induction is reduced.
  • 99.95% copper purity.


  • Superior hot or cold working
  • Good ductility
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Superior machining ability


  • Circuit Breaker Terminals
  • Electrical Holders
  • Clamps
  • Defense Industries
  • Automobiles
  • Railways
  • Transformers


Copper bonded rods are made up of molecular bonding, which is a 99.9% pure electrolytic copper onto a low carbon, high tensile steel core with a thickness of over 0.254 mm (254 microns). The steel rods are resistant to oxidation and give the electrical grounding system a lot of strength and lifespan or in a simple way to understand Copper-bonded earth rods are the industry standard and provide the most cost-effective way for the installer to achieve a low-resistance path to earth (ground) Each copper bonded rod has male threads on both the top and bottom and the steel inner core is pointed at one end, eliminating the need for a separate driving spike.

Earth electrodes are a type of grounding device that can be installed in a building. They’re pushed into the ground below ground level and built of corrosive-resistant conductors. Earthing systems are critical because they operate as insulation, shielding people from electrical dangers.

Copper-bonded ground rods have a high carbon steel core and can be used for deep diving. To protect the steel core from corrosion, a layer of mild steel is electroplated on top of a layer of copper. This coating is not vulnerable to bending or cracking.

The Length of the Rod is 3 meters & the Diameter is 17.22 mm. And the material used is Copper, but it is a customizable product that can be made as per the need of the client.

Connect the negative wire to the Socket’s Earthing (Top single Hole). The bulb must continue to shine brightly as before. If the bulb does not glow at all, there is no Earthing / Grounding. If the bulb glowed dimly, it shows that the earthing is insufficient.

Quality earth rods are often made up of stainless steel, solid copper, or copper bonded steel. Copper bonded steel cored rod is most popular, due to its combination of corrosion, strength, resistance, and makes it available at a low cost compared to others.

Solid copper rods are used in areas with high corrosion or where the application needs an exceptionally long life.

A galvanised ground rod is appropriate and the most cost-effective solution if the facility being grounded has a life expectancy of fewer than 15 years. Copper-bonded ground rods are the best choice for installations with longer service life.

Copper gets corroded when it is used in areas with clean air, non-oxidizing acids, and water, copper corrodes at insignificant rates. However, it occurs more quickly in the presence of road salt, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, oxidising acids, and so on.

Copper corrosion is the corrosion of copper or copper alloy materials. Copper reacts with oxygen when exposed to the atmosphere, usually causing normally bright copper surfaces to tarnish. After a few years, this tarnish eventually turns dark brown or black, and then green.

Copper prices have increased significantly in 2021. The base metal remains in high demand because of its use in green energy projects and electric vehicles. And power grids that use wind, solar, and hydroelectric power require a lot more copper than the industry is currently producing.

Grounding works on a simple principle: it redirects an electric current that might escape from a device to a metallic conductor (cable) that ends in a stake (rod) buried in the ground.

Earthing is a technique used to protect yourself from electric shock. It accomplishes this by allowing a fault current or leakage current to flow to the earth via a path (a protective conductor). It also causes the protective device (either a circuit breaker or a fuse) to cut off the electric current to the faulty circuit.

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