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copper bonded rod

Product Specifications: Copper Bonded Rod

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece
Usage/Application Earthing
Finish Copper Bonded
Brand Renown Earth
Material Copper Coated
Diameter As per requirement
Shape As per requirement

Copper bonded rod helps in passing fault current in the ground. It is a part of earthing equipment. Copper bonded rod is coated with copper through the process called electroplating. This increases the electrical conductivity of the copper bonded rod. Each copper bonded rod has male threads at the top and bottom ends, and the steel inner core is faced at one end, removing the need for a separate driving spike.

Features and advantages of Copper Bonded Rod

  • 100-250 micron copper-coated electrode.
  • Less corrosive.
  • High electrical conductance.
  • Fast current dissipating.
  • No periodic maintenance is required.
  • Good soil adaptivity.
  • Long life span.
  • On-site installation is easy.
  • Used as conducting rod in the lightning safety system.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

Copperbonded earth rods are the industry standard and offer the installer the most cost-effective means of achieving a low-resistance path to earth (ground). Each copper bonded rod features male threads top and bottom and the steel inner core is pointed at one end, negating the need for a separate driving spike.

The conductor is to be sized to convey the highest earth fault current of the arrangement at the point of employment with the final conductor temperature not exceeding 160 deg. C (320 deg. F) for at least 5 seconds. Principal earthing conductors are to be minimum 120 mm2 or as unless demanded by the distinct segment of the designation.

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Copper Bonded Rod
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