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Chemical Earthing

Lightning arrester is located close to the equipment that is to be protected

What are the 5 Reasons Your Home Needs Lightning Arrester?

Chemical Earthing is the method of transmitting the instantaneous discharge and is accomplished by attaching the non-current carrying section of the equipment or the supply system’s neutral to the ground. Ways to Protect Your Home From Lightning Strike: Lightning Rods: Lightning generates a tremendous quantity of heat and power. Residential and commercial structures employ lightning rods, also …

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Copper Bonded rod for grounding solutions. best Solid Copper Rod for earthing purpose

Why choose Renown Earth’s Copper Bonded Electrode?

A ground rod offers a simple conduit for electricity to travel to earth, protecting any structure or complex where it is situated from problems such as power surges, lightning strikes, short circuits, and so on. Copper Bonded electrode is created using an electrolytic cell, and a process known as electroplating. In this procedure, mild steel …

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