What are the advantages of earthing?

advantages of earthing

Why Electrical Earthing is Required?

Have you ever come into contact with an electric shock while using any appliances during operating conditions? Almost everyone’s answer is yes, sometimes these shocks are mild, but sometimes can do damage to electrical & electronic devices and can be dangerous for life. To prevent any damage to human life and appliances, everyone should do proper earthing in their premises.

With the help of earthing, one should protect their dear one’s life and appliances from electric shock by giving a pathway of fault current passing or flow to the earth.

What is Earthing?

Earthing is a process or method which transmits the instant electrical discharge directly to the ground through electrical cables and low resistance wires. We can define it more simply – The sharing electrical charge to the earth directly is called earthing. Earthing helps protect the devices and power system from malfunctioning and electrical damage. The major purpose of earthing is to reduce the load whenever the electric system overloads.

Stainless steel rods are best used for earthing installations

Advantages of earthing

The major advantages of electrical earthing are:
  1. Ensures the safety of electrical appliances and devices from the excessive amount of electric current.
  2. Helps in the flow of electric current directly inside the ground.
  3. Keeps the electric appliance safe from the damage
  4. It protects building breakdown from the lightning
  5. It shields from fire occurred because of an electric short circuit and saves goods from fire.
  6. Earthing helps in protecting overvoltage, stabilization of voltage.
  7. Earthing prevents injury damage and death caused by electric current.
  8. It helps to avoid the risk of fire in electrical installation systems.

It ensures the safety of electrical appliances and devices from the excessive amount of electric current. The earthing provides the way to default current even after the failure of the insulation. The earthing protects the appliances from high voltage surges and lightning discharge. Earthing keeps the voltage constant in the healthy phase. It ensures the safety of the fire, which may occur from the current leakage.

Earthing is used in many industries and sectors, such as:


  • Steel plant
  • Earthing For Home
  • Solar system
  • Highways
  • Lightening system.
  • Oil Refinery
  • Datacenters
  • Power plants
  • Railways
  • Cement plants
  • Transformers
  • Dg Sets, etc.

From Where Can You Buy It?

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Types of Earthing:

Maintenance-free earthing:

This type of earthing arrangement requires no maintenance, so-called “Effective Earthing” or “Maintenance-free earthing. Effective earthing electrode eliminates problems of conventional earthing:
1. By providing uniform non-corrosive, low soil resistivity material around the electrode.
2. By providing highly corrosion-resistant Earthing electrodes.
3. By eliminating the corrosion-causing elements in the salt.

Conventional Earthing

These are some main types of Earthing systems are found:

1- Plate Earthing:

In this Earthing, the plate electrode is required, which comprises copper or galvanized iron placed vertically 10 feet or more inside the ground after that pit is then filled with charcoal and salt. The dimensions for the copper plate earthing should be 60cm x 60cm x 3.18mm and the dimension for the galvanized iron should be 60cm x 60cm x 6.35mm. For better results, one should maintain the earth’s moisture condition around Plate Earthing.

2- Pipe Earthing:

A pipe earthing system comprises galvanized steel or iron placed vertically in the ground. The dimension of the pipe earthing depends upon the magnitude of the current, soil types such as moisture soil, sandy soil, rocky soil. It helps in the dissipation of fault current in the electrical system. The dimensions of pipe earthing are approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and feet long. For rocky and dry soil, the diameter should be greater than ordinary soil. The pipe length to be placed on the earth is decided by the soil moisture.

3- Rod Earthing:

Rod earthing is very similar to Pipe Earthing. In this copper, the rod replaces the pipe electrode. A copper rod along with galvanized steel pipe is placed upright in the ground, physically or externally forced by using a hammer. The embedded electrode length and the earth decrease the resistance of the earth to a preferable value.

4- Wire Earthing:

Strip electrodes are placed inside the ground and comprise copper or galvanized iron. The ground wire provides a path back to the source of the electrical current in the fault current.

There are mainly two types of electrical Earthing:

1. Neutral Earthing: The neutral of the system is directly connected to the earth with the help of GI wire. These neutral earthing are used in the generator transformer, etc.

2. Equipment Earthing: In Equipment Earthing the earth is given to electrical devices. The device that doesn’t carry current like a metallic frame is allied to the earth using the conducting wire. If any error occurs within the device, then the short-circuit current will be supplied to the earth by using wire to guard the system against injury.

5 Important Benefits Of Electrical Earthing-

1.) Protection against Electrical Overload:

Some of the primary reasons for earthing electrical current is that it protects you and your dear ones and it is one of the most important reasons. It also protects your home, appliances and everyone from the electric surges. If lightning struck or a power rise at your location regardless of the reason, this could cause extremely high electrical voltages within your system and it can lead to loss of life and property.

If you will do proper earthing to your place, then at the time of the electric surge, all the fault current or excess electricity will transmit to the earth rather than damaging life and property.

2.) Helps Direct Electricity.

If your house or premises have a proper electrical earthing system, it means you will make easy paths for the power to be directed straight where you want i.e. fault current to the earth, and it helps electrical currents to travel throughout your electrical system with safety and efficiency.

3.) Stabilizes voltage levels

It helps to stabilize voltage levels. A grounded electrical system also makes it easier for the right amount of power to be distributed to all the right places, which can play a huge role in helping to ensure circuits aren’t overloaded and blown. The earth provides a common reference point for the many voltage sources in an electrical system.

4.) Earth is the best conductor.

It’s one of the big reasons grounding helps to keep you safe is because the earth is such a great conductor, and because excess electricity will always take the path of least resistance. By grounding your electrical system, you are giving it somewhere to go other than into you–possibly saving your life and property from damage.

5.) Prevents damage, injury and death.

You can not imagine a building, office or any other premises without a properly grounded electrical system. You are risking your life and any other electrical appliances you have connected to your system being damaged beyond repair. In the worst-case position, an overload of power can even cause a fire to start, risking not just extensive property and data loss but physical injury as well. So electrical earthing is very crucial to avoid any human life and your property.


From the above information, we conclude that earthing is very important for human life and for luxurious electrical appliances.

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