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Renown Earth is a prominent producer of GI Earthing Strips India. We offer GI Earthing Strip in a variety of grades. Our high-quality Strips are specifically developed for steel plants, petrochemical industries, fire prevention systems, shipping/shipment industries, chemical industries, and so forth. We provide strips and other products.

Our GI Earthing Strips may be put to assist reduce soil resistance and channel the dissipation process simpler to sweep away faulty currents. Because of their excellent material quality and lasting construction that satisfies international quality requirements, our GI strips offer a full 360° solution for earthing demands in the long term. All GI Strips are designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO Certification standards.

What is GI Earthing Strips?

We are a major producer and marketer of GI Strips in India. It linked the main earthing pipe and bar to a galvanized iron strip. It is usually used to ensure that the stated minimal earth resistance is reached while installing the device. The GI Strips are created with great-quality materials that meet international requirements.

These strips are processed for hot-dip galvanized in compliance with IS:4759 industry requirements. Our GI Earthing Strips may be put to assist reduce soil resistance & make it simpler to sweep faulty current flow away using the dissipating technique.

Earthing Strips is used in earth stripping have a diameter of 6mm and are galvanized in a hot-dipped solution
Product Specifications:
Model Number Length Of Strip Material Color Diameter Shape
Earthing Strips
as per requirement
as per requirement
as per requirement

Features and advantages of Copper Earthing Pipe


  • Light and compact design.
  • Foldable/Bendable as per needs.
  • High Robustness than other.
  • Strips possess sturdy nature.
  • Survive adverse Climatic conditions.
  • Provides fine finishes to the system.


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Provides great electrical conductivity
  • Long life span
  • Weldable
  • Advance technology


  • Safeguards protected from current leakage of electrical equipment, appliances, power tools, machinery, and other items
  • Disruption with communication circuits is avoided
  • Protect employees against electrical threats such as electric shock and electrocution
  • Prevents electrical system fires
  • The installation procedure is easy
  • The raw materials utilized to make the strips meet worldwide standards, resulting in excellent efficiency
  • The structure is strong and smooth, with high-quality finishing
  • The strips are resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Customizations are offered based on the client’s specifications


Earthing strips are parts of earthing equipment that is added to an electrode and is used to ground the voltage captured by the lightning rod.

GI Earthing Strips are a customary technique for giving earthing to different areas like modern, private, business, and so forth. Our stripes are generally utilized for giving a steady stage to the activity of touchy material. Our experts utilize excited iron for assembling these strips.

The earthing wires are basically produced using the best quality copper or GI that can be utilized in different electrical, electronic, and car instruments. They are produced using top-quality electrified metals that give high sturdiness and incredible stun opposition.

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As a creative,experienced and top seller of Earthing products in the industry, Renown Earth is a company that is comprehensive regarding manufacturing. We apprehend and analyze clients’ requirements and optimize manufacturing based on our research and development. We take every opportunity as a challenge and fulfill it as our aspiration.

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