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Product Specifications: GI Earthing Electrode

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece
Model Number Earthing Electrode
Length Of Rod as per requirement
Brand Renown Earth
Material GI
Color Silver
Diameter As per requirement
Shape As per requirement

GI earthing electrode helps to conduct fault current safely to the ground and protect people from current shock due to lightning. In GI earthing electrode, Galvanized Iron prepares by depositing a film of zinc over iron through a process called galvanization. The GI earthing electrode is corrosion resistant.

Features and advantages of GI Earthing Electrode

  • The galvanization of iron makes it a corrosion-resistant electrode.
  • The current dissipation rate is high.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of soil.
  • Periodical moisturization is not necessary.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Lesser space is required.
  • On-site easy and fast installation.
  • Moisturization is less necessary.
  • Low impedance while grounding.
  • Protection of high rise buildings.
  • Protection of housing societies.

People Also Ask

An earthing electrode is an electrode that is used to depotentialize the electric discharge during lightening.

GI (Galvanised Iron) is made from the alloy of iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn). When the alloyed material is used as an earthing electrode, it is known as Galvanised Iron (GI) Earthing Electrode.

During Pipe type earthing traditional method is to utilize GI pipe [C-class] of 75 mm diameter, 10 feet extended welded with 75 mm diameter GI flange having 6 numbers of openings for the connection of earth wires and embedded in the area by Auger method.

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