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Earthing copper strips Manufacturer & Supplier of India.

Renown Earth is a prominent manufacturer & supplier of copper strips in India. Because of the huge cross-sectional conductivity area and surface area, copper strips placed the main earthing electrode into the second electrode.

The supplementary electrode is filled with a non-corrosive, highly conductive material that preserves the primary electrode. Earthing Strip, also known as a copper grounding bar, is a long copper conductor that can be rectangular or chambered. It manufactured a copper Strip to transport current & link electrical devices in a circuit.

What is Earthing Copper Strips?

Renown Earth is a well-known producer and distributor of the Copper Strips in India. These items are created with great-quality materials got from the market’s most dependable vendors.

Our Copper Stris product is made under the supervision of our quality inspection specialists, who guarantee that we only supply high-quality items to our clients. This Copper Strips are in popular all over the world.

Copper Strip for grounding

Product Specifications:

Length Of Strip Usage Material Shape Brand Diameter
as per requirement
as per requirement
Renown Earth
as per requirement

Features and advantages of GI Earthing Pipe


  • Copper strips often last longer.
  • Light and compact design.
  • Foldable/Bendable as per needs.
  • High Robustness than others.
  • Strips possess sturdy nature.
  • Survive adverse Climatic conditions.
  • Provides fine finishes to the system.


  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Provides great electrical conductivity than GI strips.
  • Long life span.
  • Weldable
  • Advance technology.
  • No need for maintenance till 50 years.


  • Safeguards protected from current leakage of electrical equipment, appliances, power tools, machinery, and other items.
  • Disruption with communication circuits is avoided.
  • Protect employees against electrical threats such as electric shock and electrocution.
  • Prevents electrical system fires.
  • The installation procedure is easy.
  • The raw materials utilized to make the strips meet worldwide standards, resulting in excellent efficiency.
  • The structure is strong and smooth, with high-quality finishing.
  • The strips are resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Customizations are offered based on the client’s specifications.

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As a creative,experienced and top seller of Earthing products in the industry, Renown Earth is a company that is comprehensive regarding manufacturing. We apprehend and analyze clients’ requirements and optimize manufacturing based on our research and development. We take every opportunity as a challenge and fulfill it as our aspiration.

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