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Renown Earth is a prominent manufacturer of  Stainless Steel Earth Rod in India. Stainless steel earth rods are like copper rods in appearance, but they are more anodic and can be employed in circumstances wherever galvanic corrosion is a problem.

Compared to copper, the current carrying capacity of stainless steel earth rods is poor. These rods have tapped holes on both ends, enabling them to be joined with a coupling dowel. To remedy this situation, stainless steel earth rods that are more anodic as compared to copper and very corrosion-resistant are advised. According to BS970, it manufactured these rods of austenitic grade 316.

Steel stainless Earth Rods are composed of internally threaded joints, making them excellent for circumstances where galvanic corrosion may develop owing to the burying of dissimilar metals nearby. Stainless steel earth rods are highly resistant to corrosion, and a range of earth rod striking heads, dowels, spikes, and connectors are available.

What is Stainless Steel Earth Rod?

According to the BS EN 10088 standard, it is constructed of earth rods of stainless steel and also has high corrosion resistance in harsh conditions. Stainless Steel Rods are appropriate for earthing operations, where galvanic corrosion among dissimilar metals buried near one another, as well as extremely corrosive soil conditions, is a problem.

In stainless steel earth rod, it manufactured, treated steel ground bar using stimulated iron. These stainless steel earth bars are fabricated from tempered steel and introduced to prevent galvanic consumption, while earthing happens between covered different metals in nearness.

Henceforth, the stainless steel earth bar gets eroded less and can be utilized in any sort of soil during earthing. Hardened steel is solid and far-fetched to twist or break when introduced, even on the rough ground when earthing takes place.

Stainless steel rods are best used for earthing installations

Product Specifications:

Model Number Length Of Rod Brand Material Color Diameter Shape
Earthing Rod
as per requirement
Renown Earth
As per requirement
As per requirement

Features and advantages of Stainless Steel Earth Rod


  • Galvanized iron is used for corrosion protection.
  • Quick fault current dissipation.
  • Used for highly corrosive soils.
  • Periodic moisturization is not required.
  • CPRI Tested
  • The unique production technique guarantees that the copper coating thickness is consistent.
  • giving the least amount of ground resistance.


  • Maintenance-free.
  • Less space is required.
  • Very easy and fast installation on site.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • Low impedance while grounding.
  • It is stronger than the copper rod.
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.


  • For protecting homes from lightning in hilly areas.
  • For electrical appliances.
  • For protecting high-rise buildings against lightning.
  • Copper may not be suitable for some soils and landfill regions in these cases, stainless steel is the superior choice.
  • Steel towers, poles, or lead-sheathed cables are located near an arrangement of ground electrodes.


You need to drive your pole right into the ground. The electrical code expresses that it should have 8 feet (2.4 m) of contact with the ground, so you need to drive it right down. Driving a ground bar into the ground can take quite a while and can be troublesome work.

If the office being grounded has a future of fewer than 15 years, and a highly active ground bar is proper and will give the most practical arrangement. For establishments with longer help life, copper-fortified ground poles are the best fit.

Indeed, tempered Steel Bolts will function as connections to a ground source. Utilizing Copper as the standard, the resistivity of carbon steel is around 8 times higher, while stainless steel is around 40 times higher.

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