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Renown Earth is a prominent manufacturer of earthing clamps for Earthing in India. Corrosion resistance, conductivity, and mechanical strength are all key considerations in clamp design to ensure that an earthing system stays functioning for many years.

All earthing clamp bodies and screws are composed of high-strength copper alloys such as aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, and others. There is no commercial brass used. Our Rod to Tape Clamp for Earthing is precision-made from high-quality raw materials. We can provide customized clamps for Earthing based on the needs of the customer.

What is Earthing Clamp?

Earthing Clamp are used to connect different diameters of Conductor Tape to an earth electrode. The clamps are corrosion-resistant and mechanically sturdy, ensuring a long-lasting connection. They are frequently employed because of their conductivity, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength.

An earthing clamp links the energizer lead-out line to the earth rod. The earthing clamp ensures a tight link between the energizer and the earthing system, resulting in maximum electrical conductivity.

We offer top-notch-quality copper earthing clamp that are manufactured of selected raw materials obtained from quality-driven by us. These copper alloy clamps are available in a range of sizes and grades. These clamps-rods are well-known for their long life, high performance, corrosion resistance, and reliability.

This is used to attach the grounding rod to the earth line. These are also useful for connecting copper wire/cable to a steel structure. Besides standard selections, they are available in bespoke sizes and shapes.

Earth clamp guarantees a secure connection
Product Specifications:
Type Brand Material Color Finish Type Size Weight Usage/Application
Earth Clamp
Nickel Plated

Features and advantages of Earthiing Clamp


  • It is durable and requires little maintenance.
  • Because of a unique manufacturing procedure, the thickness of the copper plating is uniform.
  • It’s easy to assemble and indestructible.
  • Corrosion-resistant with the least amount of ground resistance.
  • Customers expect a range of alternatives, thus meeting the requirements.
  • The installation was simple, and the end product was magnificent.


  • The surface resists corrosion.
  • Outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Advanced engineering combined with innovative technologies.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Connect the ground cable and earth rod securely.
  • Provides maximum electrical conductivity.


  • Used in Flat tapes & stranded cables to connect to earth rods, reinforcement bars, and handrails.
  • Used to link re-bar to re-bar or stranded cable, giving a good mechanical connection and superior corrosion resistance.
  • Copper clamps used for connecting earth rods to various diameters are extremely corrosion resistant and mechanically robust, with a long life duration.
  • Clamps are used to connect earth rods to various diameters of strand copper conductor clamps are extremely corrosion resistant and mechanically robust, with a long life duration.
  • Work as spring or screw down earth connectors for connecting earth rods with an earth tape, earth rods to cable, tape to tape, or rebar clamps in earthing & lightning protection systems.


An earthing clamp is used to bond copper conductors onto steel surfaces.

The earth braces should be on the purchaser’s side of the establishment inside 600mm of the gas meter or before the principal join/twist. The central pipe defensive holding clip should be after the isolator tap and again 600mm or before the primary join/twist.

Start by slackening the locking nut enough, so that there is a reasonable hole to push the rod through once the tie has been folded over the line. Fold the lash over the line once and feed it through the hole in the body of the earth brace. Presently utilizing a couple of appropriate forceps, pull the lash with the goal that it is tight.

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