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Product Specification

Type A
Brand Earth Clamp
Material Brass
Color Copper
Finish Type Nickel Plated
Size 3/4
Weight 65
Usage/Application Industrial

An earthing clamp is used to bond copper conductors onto steel surfaces.

The earth braces should be on the purchaser’s side of the establishment inside 600mm of the gas meter or before the principal join/twist. The central pipe defensive holding clip should be after the isolator tap and again 600mm or before the primary join/twist.

Start by slackening the locking nut enough, so that there is a reasonable hole to push the rod through once the tie has been folded over the line. Fold the lash over the line once and feed it through the hole in the body of the earth brace. Presently utilizing a couple of appropriate forceps, pull the lash with the goal that it is tight.

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Product Name
Earthing Clamp
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