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Renown Earth is one of India’s prime Manufacturers and exporters of Copper Earthing plates, chemical earthing electrodes, and copper earthing pipes with a clamp from Noida, India.

The earthing copper plate offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. We are known in India as a dependable Copper Plates Supplier. Various industrial sectors are placing bulk orders for customized Copper Plates with us because of the excellent quality and unparalleled performance in the relevant applications.

We can provide you with excellent offers and wholesale pricing on Copper Plates. Our Copper plates are incredibly robust and resistant. We have quite comprehensive Copper Plate production capabilities, with varied operations ranging from large-scale to small.

What is Copper Earthing plate?

Copper plate is used for earthing house wiring, plant wiring (particularly electrical establishments of enormous industrial facilities), nonpartisan wire of the inventory line, and so forth, the excited iron line is by and large utilized as earth cathode. The size of the line relies on the deficiency current and the state of the dirt.

We are the main producer of Treated Earthing System made by Centrifugal Casting Process including connections like a single rib, hot-plunge excited brace, Cast Iron Funnel with projected cross-section, substitute opening and tighten cut alongside embellishments, Back Fill Compound and Earth Pit Covers” in different sizes according to drawing detail for establishing Electrical Systems.

Which Plate is used for earthing?

Copper Earthing plates are regularly utilized as earthing plates. The profundity at which the line should be covered relies on the dampness of the ground.

Earthing plate made of copper or galvanized iron buried in pits vertically more than 10 feet inside the ground
Product Specifications:
Minimum Order Quantity Usage Material Length of the Copper Earthing plates Brand Is It Anti Corrosive? Colour
Pure Copper
600x600x3mm, 300x300x3mm, 450x450x3mm
Renown Earth

Features and advantages of Copper Earthing plate


  • Less reactive reagent, and hence greater protection against corrosion.
  • Suitable for any kind of soil.
  • Pollution-free nature.
  • Skin-friendly compound.


  • Large life expectancy.
  • Causes no pollution.
  • Recurrent maintenance and enhancement are not required.
  • On-site installation is easy.


  • Used with the earthing electrode.

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As a creative,experienced and top seller of Earthing products in the industry, Renown Earth is a company that is comprehensive regarding manufacturing. We apprehend and analyze clients’ requirements and optimize manufacturing based on our research and development. We take every opportunity as a challenge and fulfill it as our aspiration.

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