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GI Earthing Electrode


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back fill compound

Product Details: (Backfill Compound)

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Bag
Usage Industrial
Physical State Powder
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Packaging Type Poly Bag
Brand Renown Earth
Is It Anti Corrosive Anti Corrosive
Colour Black

Renown Earth is superior in manufacturing backfill compounds. This compound is used for the prevention of current leakage. A Backfill compound is added to the soil for the absorption of moisture around the earthing electrode. The product ensured the safety of humans and electrical equipment.

Back Fill Compound

  • High conductivity
  • Good quality of moisture absorption
  • Protect corrosion from nature
  • Suitable for any kind of soil of any kind of resistivity
  • Do not pollute water
  • Improve soil resistivity
  • Not explosive
  • High conductivity
  • Not causes burn eye or skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Pouring water is not required
  • Environment-friendly
  • Neither maintenance nor Enchantment is required
  • Easy to install at site
  • Available at a reasonable price

Only in the earthing system

Our Raw Material

Backfill Compound

The Renown Earth manufactures its backfill compound with good quality materials. We manufacture our backfill compounds with the help of some below materials:

1- Graphite:

Graphite is a naturally occurring native mineral that is composed of carbon atoms with a hexagonal crystal structure. Graphite is the most stable form of pure carbon. It has less specific gravity and it is very soft in nature. It is relatively non-reactive and has high thermal conductivity and high electrical. Graphite occurs naturally in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

2- Bentonite:

Fort Benton in America is the place where bentonite is firstly found which gets its name in the place of where it found. It is natural soil. For chemical earthing, we manufacture backfill compounds to reduce the resistivity of soil.

3- Aluminum oxide:

The chemical formula of aluminum oxide is al2o3.

4- Iron oxide:

Iron oxide is also known as ferric oxide which is a chemical compound composed of iron and oxygen. The formula of iron oxide is fe2o3. It is found naturally and produced industrially. Iron oxide is used in the manufacturing industry, the cosmetic industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the steel and iron industry.

5- The Copper sulphate:

Copper sulphate is a sulphate salt of copper. It is the inorganic compound that combines sulfur with copper. The formula of copper sulphate is CuSo4. Copper sulphate is found in the food water and environment.

6- Activated carbon

Activated carbon is also known as activated charcoal. It is used to chemically generate micro-fissures that greatly increase the area of its adsorption capacity and is used for the purification of liquids and gases.

Specification of Grade

Our product

Renown Earth is offering backfilling compounds with a wide variety of properties according to customer demand. We manufacture only 3 types of backfill compounds.

These are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

Grade A:

The grade is composed of a variety of chemical compounds such as bentonite (sodium based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, graphite, activated carbon, copper sulphate, and additional chemical premix. The resistivity of the grade backfilling compound is less than 1 ohm.

Grade B:

The Grade B backfill compound is composed of bentonite (sodium based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, activated carbon, and additional chemical prefix. The resistivity of the grade B backfill compound is 2 to 1 ohms.

Grade C:

The grade C backfill compound is our general grade compound. it is composed of bentonite (sodium based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, and additional chemical premix.

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