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Back Fill Compound Manufacturer & Supplier of India

Renown Earth is a prominent manufacturer of Back Fill compounds in India. Our consumers can choose from a variety of Back Fill compounds. These items are made using high-quality raw materials while keeping our client’s wants and desires in mind. Our Earthing compound is manufactured under international standards.

These items are utilized to increase the conductance of the earth electrode and the ground contact region. Back Fill Compound is a better conductive compound that increases earthing efficacy, particularly in low-conductivity locations. It allows the passage of current in the earth electrode and the region of ground contact.


Product Specifications: (Backfill Compound)

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Bags
Usage Industrial
Physical State Powder
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Packaging Type Poly Bag
Brand Renown Earth
Is It Anti Corrosive? Yes
Colour Black

What is Back Fill Compound?

The backfill compound gets used for the prevention of current leakage. A backfill compound is added to the soil for absorption of moisture around the earthing electrode. The backfill compound product ensures the safety of humans and electrical equipment.

A backfill compound comprises an extent of Back Fill Compound that is dampness holding dirt used as an earth terminal refill to help lower soil resistivity. The conductive Back Fill Compound mud is a sodium enacted montmorillonite, which when blended in with water swells to a few times its unique volume mass when in a dry condition.

The earthing mixture absorbs water from the surrounding soils, lowering contact resistance and effectively expanding the diameter of the copper earth rods inserted and immersed in the cable trench. The Back Fill Compound lowers and protects against corrosion by lowering the resistance value of the earth rod through the moisture retention process.

Back Fill Compound may soak up to Five times its weight and expand to thirteen times its dry mass at six times its dry volume. The earthing compound is highly thick and in a pasty clay state that may hold form and stick to surfaces. Back Fill Compound hydrates chemically, keeping water in its structure. The clay compound has non-corrosive, stable, and keeps properties throughout time.

Features and advantages of Back Fill Compound

  • High electrical conductivity due to graphite.
  • Moisture absorption quality is substantially high.
  • Less reactive reagent, and hence greater protection against corrosion.
  • Suitable for any kind of soil.
  • Improves soil resistivity against current leakage.
  • Non-flammable compound.
  • Skin-friendly compound.
  • Large life expectancy.
  • Moisturization is not required.
  • Causes no pollution.
  • Recurrent maintenance and enhancement are not required.
  • On-site installation is easy.
  • High Absorption rate than other powder or clay.
  • It is used as an earthing electrode.
  • Work as a solution in a substation.
  • Work as a solution in lowering resistance to some extent.

Our Raw Material

Backfill Compound

Our company manufactures backfill compounds in the below-mentioned composition:

1- Graphite:

Graphite is the most stable form of pure carbon. It is relatively non-reactive and has high electrical conductivity. Hence is used in the backfill compound for better resistivity against the bad conducting nature of the soil. Due to its high electrical conductivity, it prevents current leakage.

2- Bentonite:

It is used as a groundwater barrier to prevent the overflow of water into the compound.

3- Aluminum oxide:

It is amphoteric, i.e. can react with both acids and bases to produce salt and water. Therefore, it counter-affects the acidity or basicity of the soil and stops corrosion.

4- Iron oxide:

Iron oxide is also known as ferric oxide, which is a chemical compound composed of iron and oxygen. Under conditions favoring iron reduction, the process of iron oxide reduction can replace at least 80% of methane production occurring by methanogenesis. This phenomenon occurs in a nitrogen-containing (N2) environment with low sulfate concentrations.

So, it counter-affects methane-endorsed corrosion.

5- The Copper sulfate:

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that combines sulfur with copper. It can kill bacteria, algae, roots, plants, snails, and fungi. Therefore, reduces organic corrosion.

6- Activated carbon

Activated carbon is also known as activated charcoal. It is used to chemically generate micro-fissures that increase the area of its adsorption capacity.

So, it adsorbs water at its surface to retain moisture in the mixture. Hence, enhancing its electrical conductivity.

Specification of Grade

Our product

Renown Earth is offering backfilling compounds with a wide variety of properties according to customer demand. We manufacture only 3 types of backfill compounds.

These are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

Grade A:

The grade is composed of a variety of chemical compounds such as bentonite (sodium based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, graphite, activated carbon, copper sulphate, and additional chemical premix. The resistivity of the grade backfilling compound is less than 1 ohm.

Grade B:

The Grade B backfill compound is composed of bentonite (sodium based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, activated carbon, and additional chemical prefix. The resistivity of the grade B backfill compound is 2 to 1 ohms.

Grade C:

The grade C backfill compound is our general grade compound. It is composed of bentonite (sodium-based), aluminum oxide (al2o3), iron oxide, and additional chemical premix.

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A backfill compound is a chemical compound that helps to keep moisture levels in the soil around the electrodes.

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