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poly pit cover

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece
Color Green and Black
Material Polyplastic
Usage/Application Electrical
Top Dia 6 inches
Brand Renown Earth
Height 10.25 inch
Bottom Dia 8 inches

Earth Pit Cover- It’s Uses Applications & Advantages

Safety is always a concern for everyone whether it is of goods or life, but it becomes more important and mandatory when both life and goods are in danger. Almost every industry uses safety devices for the safety of their employees and machines too. Earthing is one of the crucial things when it comes to safety.

Earth Pit

An earthing pit is designed to minimize ground resistance to divert the maximum amount of current away from the circuit.

Earth Pit Cover

Earth Pit Cover is also known as Earth Pit Chamber. The necessity of the Earth pit is to create a path for extra charge generated during effect. It is the way for the extra current that can flow freely through a low resistance path and, because of this, your equipment is safe. Earth pit chamber protects your machinery, buildings, and all electrical & electronic appliances under fault conditions so that all the equipment that possesses conductivity does not reach a dangerous potential. It provides a safe passage to dissipate lightning and short-circuit currents.

Poly Plastic Earth Pit cover

Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover is a versatile and durable cover for an earth pit. It is a robust, lightweight, and economical solution for keeping earth pits in good condition. It is fully recyclable and can be stored on the ground when not in use. The Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover provides a strong barrier to prevent rain from getting into the pit, preventing the risk of flooding. It also prevents pollution from getting into the pit. The Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover is a cover made from polyethylene plastic. It covers the pit of a landfill site and protects the environment from pollution and contamination.

It has a durable design that prevents it from being compromised by the weight of garbage being deposited on top of it. The cover also has an anti-climb surface, which prevents people from scaling it and entering the landfill site. The poly plastic Earth pit cover is a machine-made cover that saves the formation of ice and snow on the landscape.

The poly plastic earth pit cover is an innovation of polyurethane plastic sheets used to protect the ground below from water, heat, frost, and pollution. The poly plastic earth pit cover is made up of a two-sided sheet with a thickness of 5 mm. These sheets are joined together on the top edge to form a continuous cover that has an opening on one side. The opening can be half or fully open.

If the opening is half-closed, then it will be easy to work with the material as it can be taken easily out one sheet at a time through this opening. The material will also last longer because there are no folds or creases formed and any removal or insertion of materials through this opening.

Product Specifications:

Colour- Green and Black

Material- Poly Plastic

Usage/ Applications- Electrical

Top Diameter > 6 inches-12 inches

Height > 8 inches- 12 inches

Bottom Diameter > 10 inches- 18 inches

Brand- Renown Earth

A polyplastic earth pit cover is an insulator used to insulate the grounding equipment submerged below the earth's surface. It is made up of polyethylene. Polyplastic earth pit cover is a lightweight, durable thermoplastic with a variable crystalline structure. It provides rust resistance to the submerged electrode and other parts of the lightning protection system.

Features and advantages of Poly Plastic Earth Pit Cover

  • It has a lockable jam-free lid.
  • UV stability protection from direct sunlight
  • Has excellent strength.
  • It has rust resistance by property.
  • Lightweight and Robust construction
  • Bears capacity of taking high loads.
  • It has a good life span.
  • It is unbreakable material.
  • It has good quality standards.
  • Ease of storage.
  • Industrial area
  • Commercial sector
  • Agricultural field

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Earthing Pit Test is an Earth Tester that is used to measure soil resistivity. It includes a voltage source, a meter for measuring resistance in ohms, switches to change the instrument range, wires to connect the terminal to the Earth Electrode, and spikes. The Four Terminal Earth Tester Instrument is used to measure it.

The use of polyplastic earth pit cover is to insulate the earthing systems inside the pit hole.

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