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Lightning arrester for building

We the Renown power system has manufactured with a very good quality of lightning arrester with the help of our electrical engineer's team. Our electrical engineers have manufactured the product with the latest technology, which is globally accepted. Our lightning arrester helps in protects against surges and lightning strikes. Our lightning arrester provides a low impedance path to ground for the current from the lightning strike or transient voltage and then restore it to normal condition. Our product is used for home building and office to save from lightning damage. We offer our product at a very reasonable rate. Our lightning arrester has a very strong central ion generating system that generates ion and it does not require any external source of power supply.

Renown Power Lightning arrester:

  • High voltage bearing capacity
  • Optimum strength
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Good lighting protection
  • Resists¬† lightning strikes
  • No periodic maintenance is required
  • Long durable
  • Availability of different size
  • Installed easily
  • Available at low cost
  • Petrochemical
  • LNG
  • Nuclear stations
  • Food Processing industries
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Building protection

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We are offering the Lightning Arrester For Building