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GI Earthing Electrode

pure copper electrode

GI Earthing Electrode


GI Earthing Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier of India

Renown Earth is a leading GI Earthing Pipe manufacturer in India. We produce GI Pipe In Pipe in a variety of sizes and thicknesses under IS, BS, and ASTM specifications. We strive to produce the finest quality material as a quality-driven organization. Before being delivered, it subjects all manufactured products to extensive testing and inspection.

All GI Pipe In pipes are designed and developed following IQS. It made our GI Pipe with precision using the best quality raw materials. We also offer customized GI Pipe In-Pipe Technology as per the customer’s requirement.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of GI Earthing Pipes, chemical earthing electrodes, and copper earthing pipes with a clamp from Noida, India.

Product Specifications: GI earthing pipe

Minimum Order Quantity 1
Usage Industrial
Material Galvanized Iron
Length of the GI Pipe 2–12M, according to customers’ requirements
Brand Renown Earth
Is It Anti Corrosive? Yes
Colour Grey

What is GI Earthing Pipe?

GI earthing pipe is used for earthing house wiring, plant wiring (particularly electrical establishments of enormous industrial facilities), nonpartisan wire of the inventory line, and so forth, it used the excited iron line as the earth cathode. The size of the line relies on the deficiency current and the state of the dirt.

We are the main producer of Treated Earthing System made by Centrifugal Casting Process including connections like a single rib, hot-plunge excited brace, Cast Iron Funnel with projected cross-section, substitute opening and tighten cut alongside embellishments, Back Fill Compound and Earth Pit Covers in different sizes according to drawing detail for establishing Electrical Systems.

Which pipe is used for earthing?

It regularly used GI earthing pipes and Copper earthing pipes as general earthing pipes. The profundity at which it should cover the line relies on the dampness of the soil.

Galvanised Iron Pipes are made from mild steel strips cut from Carbon Neutral Steel Coils. A series of fin rolls are used to form the strips into a circular shape. The slit ends of the strips are then welded together by constantly passing a high-frequency electric charge across the edges.

Features and advantages of GI Earthing Pipe

  • Less reactive reagent, and hence greater protection against corrosion.
  • Suitable for any kind of soil.
  • Pollution-free nature.
  • Skin-friendly compound.
  • Longevity and Higher durability.
  • Excellent functionality
  • The anti-rust coating that gives superior finish.
  • Large life expectancy.
  • Causes no pollution.
  • Recurrent maintenance and enhancement are not required.
  • On-site installation is easy.
  • Adherent to quality.
  • Weldable and Integrity.
  • Water & Sewage pipes
  • Oil and gas transmissions
  • Used with the earthing electrode.
  • Automotive purposes
  • Electric poles
  • Engineering purposes
  • Structural purposes

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