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GI Earthing Electrode

pure copper electrode

GI Earthing Electrode


Copper Earthing Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier of India.

Renown Earth is a major Copper Pipe Producer and Marketer in India. Copper Earthing Pipe employs suitably galvanized co-axial pipes to minimize electrode corrosion inside the copper pipe.

The Earth Electrode is made up of two pipes, one different radius copper pipe fitting into a bigger diameter copper pipe. Both pipes are hot-dip galvanized at 150-250 microns, and they coat the empty spaces in the pipes with a specially developed Crystalline Conductive combination. It cohesively filled the cavity inside and within the pipes with high conductivity and anti-corrosive substance to extend the life span of these electrodes. Copper Earthing Pipe comprises a heterogeneous rich crystalline combination that protects the primary earth electrode from oxidation in the soil.

Copper Earthing Pipe Manufacturer

Product Specifications: Copper Earthing Pipe

Minimum Order Quantity 1
Usage Industrial
Material Copper
Length of the GI Pipe 2–12M, according to customers’ requirements
Brand Renown Earth
Is It Anti Corrosive? Yes

What is Copper Earthing Pipe?

A vertically buried Copper Earthing perforated pipe connects all electrical wires to the ground, with the depth of the pipe determined by soil conditions. Renown Earth is a manufacturer and supplier of Copper Earthing pipes in India, with substantial market experience. We produce copper Pipe Earthing Electrodes with higher fault capacity that is technically accepted by big industrial complexes, commercial complexes, and power utilities. It made this collection in several ways. These electrodes are practically unbreakable. Pipes in Earthing Electrodes have a longer life and higher values than ordinary earthing systems.

Features and advantages of GI Earthing Pipe

  • Very less corrosion reaction rate than GI.
  • Suitable for any kind of soil.
  • Pollution-free nature.
  • Longevity and higher durability than GI pipe.
  • Excellent functionality
  • Avoids network interference through fields.
  • Maintenance-free
  • On-site installation is easy.
  • Adherent to quality.
  • Weldable and Integrity.
  • Large life expectancy.
    • Prevents fires in the electrical system.
    • Used to protect structures, installations, and the whole electric system against lightning damage.
    • Electrical equipment, appliances, power tools, machinery, and other items are protected.
    • It is used in electric substations.
    • It is used in copper chemical earthing Rod.

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