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Our approach is uniquely innovative. We provide the optimized solution for your apt requirements. We seek to adhere to our motto and value while delivering our products and services. Furthermore, we prefer the quality of products produced over the number of products. For further details, please read our brochure and get enlightened about the company and its foundations.

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Copper Bonded Electrode Manufacturer & Supplier of India

Renown Earth is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Copper Bonded Electrodes in India. Our Electrodes is a pretty advanced product based on global technology that provides better oxidation resistance and a longer product life than regular GI Electrodes.

We may be used to ground structures & foundations in a range of circumstances, such as variations in soil temperature, moisture, and PH value. The Copper Bonded Electrode’s copper possesses great thickness offering exceptional corrosion resistance. It guarantees a long product life.

Copper Bonded electrode is manufacturer

Product Specifications:

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece
Model Number Earthing Electrode
Length Of Rod as per requirement
Brand Renown Earth
Material Copper Bonded
Condition New
Diameter as per requirement
Shape as per requirement

What is Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode?

Copper Bonded electrode is manufactured with the help of electrolytic cells through the process called electroplating. In this process, mild steel is coated with copper in an electrolytic cell. It helps in passing fault current in the ground. Copper bonded electrode protects human life from electric shock and electrical damage to electrical equipment due to lightning.

Copper Bonded Electrode is an extremely exceptional product, which is based on global technology and presents excellent endurance against oxidation; it additionally has a more useful product life than a simple GI Electrodes. A cost-effective choice for clients with the coated thickness that assures reliable performance.

Renown Earth is a leading producer and supplier of Copper Bonded electrodes for customers. We can supply exceptional quality Copper Bonded Electrode components for your precious utilities thanks to our highly skilled team and innovative procedures. These items are created with high-quality sources got from the market’s most dependable vendors.

Our products are developed under the supervision of our quality control specialists, who guarantee that we only supply high-quality items to our customers. These Electrodes are in high demand all over the world because of their efficiency, excellent conductivity, and minimal maintenance.

Features and advantages of Copper Bonded Electrode

  • 100-micron copper is coated on the electrode.
  • A high life expectancy.
  • High electrical conductance.
  • Faster current dissipation.
  • CPRI Tested
  • High strength
  • No recurrent maintenance is required.
  • Good for every type of soil.
  • Long life span.
  • Less space is required for installation
  • On-site easy installation.
  • Straightness tolerance of .010 per linear foot and Tensile strength of 80,000 psi on average.
  • Used as a normal electrode.
  • Electrical equipment, appliances, power tools, machinery, and other items are protected from current leakages.
  • Prevents interference with communication lines.
  • Protect employees against electrical threats such as electric shock and electrocution.
  •  Substations, R&D operations, and wind turbines.
  • Military, Government, and defense installations.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

The copper bonded electrode is built with mild steel coated with copper through the process called electroplating. Mild steel is bonded with copper hence it is called a copper bonded electrode.

Galvanic corrosion bypasses both an earth electrode and any earthing conductors installed on the ground. Aluminum or copper-clad aluminum conductors should not be used in contact with soil and should not, under any situations, be used to create the final attachment to an earth electrode.

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