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Chemical Earthing Electrode

Renown Earth is engaged in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of chemical earthing electrodes to our clients and manufactures a wide range of raw materials keeping in mind our customer’s requirements and demands. We have a huge demand for our Chemical Earthing Electrode.

Earthing Electrode is the component of the earthing system, which is indirectly connected to the ground and provides a path for leakage current. In the earthing system, a quite large number of electric currents are required to carry fault current for a short period.

The most preferred material is copper and galvanized steel. Sometimes, aluminum is used for above-ground “bonding,” but most of the standards forbid its use as an earth electrode, due to the risk of accelerated corrosion. The corrosive product is a non-conductive oxide layer, so it may reduce the effectiveness of the earthing.

Why Earthing is Important?

The primary purpose of earthing is to avoid or minimize the danger of electrocution, fire due to earth leakage of current through the undesired path and to ensure that the potential of a current-carrying conductor does not rise with respect to the earth than its designed insulation.

When the metallic part of electrical appliances (parts that can conduct or allow passage of electric current) comes in contact with a live wire, maybe due to failure of installations or failure in cable insulation, the metal becomes charged, and static charge accumulates on it. If a person touches such a charged metal, the result is a severe shock.

To avoid such instances, the power supply systems and parts of appliances have to be earthed so as to transfer the charge directly to the earth. This is why we need Electrical Earthing or Grounding in electrical installation systems.

GI Earthing Electrode

GI earthing electrode helps to conduct fault current safely to the ground and protect people from current shock due to lightning. In GI Earthing Electrode, Galvanized Iron is prepared by depositing a film of zinc over iron through the process called galvanization. Consequently, the GI earthing electrode is corrosion resistant.

Product Specifications: GI Earthing Electrode

Length Of Rod as per requirement
Brand Renown Earth
Material GI
Color Silver
Diameter As per requirement

GI Earthing Electrode contains the following features:

  • Strip in channel technology.
  • Galvanised iron pipes are used.
  • A highly conductive material is dripped inside the electrode to prevent corrosion and to reduce resistance.
  • The weight of a 40 mm diameter electrode is as per industry standards and likewise for other diameters.
  • Earth enhancement material is used especially in areas of poor earth conductivity.
  • Earth enhancement compound (or backfill compound) has NABL Lab tested 0.039 Ohm-m resistivity.
  • The fast fault current dissipation is smooth.
  • The electrode is favorable for all conditions of the soil.
  • A custom-made G.I. Tube with adequate galvanization is used in this electrode.
  • The fluctuation of the Ohmic value is the least.

Pure Copper Electrode

The pure copper electrode is made up of pure copper derived from its ores. The copper electrode has high conductivity and is considered one of the best electrodes out there in the market. Due to the higher conductivity of the pure copper electrode, it is preferred over GI earthing electrode. Under the guidance of highly skilled engineers, our team has prepared an optimized pure copper electrode for your optimal needs. Do call us to get a quotation about the same.
The copper–copper(II) sulfate electrode is a source electrode of the first kind, based on the redox effect with the assistance of the metal (copper) and its salt, copper(II) sulfate. A permeable connection on one end provides communication with the copper sulfate electrolyte. The copper electrode extrudes outside of the container.

Product Specifications: Copper Earthing Electrode

Length Of Rod as per requirement
Brand Renown Earth
Material Copper
Diameter As per requirement

Copper Earthing Electrode contains the following features:

  • Fast current dissipation.
  • It is a less reactive reagent, hence corrosion resistant.
  • High electrical conductivity due to plenty of free electrons in its outermost orbital.
  • It is maintenance-free.
  • It can easily gel with any kind of soil.
  • It has a high electrical conductivity.
  • It has a high life expectancy.
  • It is used in high-rise buildings.
  • It is used in housing societies.
pure copper electrode

Copper Bonded Electrode

Copper Bonded electrode is manufactured with the help of electrolytic cells through the process called electroplating. In this process, mild steel is coated with copper in an electrolytic cell. Copper bonded electrode helps in passing fault current in the ground. Copper bonded electrode protects human life from electric shock and electrical damage to electrical equipment due to lightning.
Copper Bonded Electrode is an extremely exceptional product, which is based on global technology and presents excellent endurance against oxidation; it additionally has a more useful product life than a simple GI Electrodes. Its uniformly coated thickness ensures stable performance, making it a cost-effective option for users.

Product Specifications: Copper Bonded Electrode

Length Of Rod as per requirement
Brand Renown Earth
Material Copper Bonded
Diameter As per requirement
Shape As per requirement
Minimum Order As per requirement


Copper Bonded Electrode contains the following features:

  • 100-micron copper is coated on the electrode.
  • A high life expectancy.
  • High electrical conductance.
  • Faster current dissipation.
  • No recurrent maintenance is required.
  • Good for every type of soil.
  • Long life span.
  • Less space is required for installation
  • On-site easy installation.
  • Used as a normal electrode.
Copper Bonded electrode is manufacturer

Advantages & Application

Advantages of Chemical Earthing Electrode

Merits of Chemical Earthing electrodes are as follows:

  • It requires very low maintenance.
  • Installing it is very easy and is fast on-site.
  • It is highly conductive and Corrosion-free.
  • One of the merits includes high durability, life-saving & cost-effective Solution.

Application of Chemical Earthing Electrode

Let us know some of the applications of chemical earthing electrodes:

  • It helps in Protects the ac system.
  • Petrochemical and CNG are the fields of use.
  • Used in transformer and lifts.
  • Used in datacenter, telecom, and broadcaster.

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